About the Artist

Known for her dynamic and colorful paintings, Jeanne Steers works mainly in acrylic or wax oil crayon on shaped masonite board. Over the years her work on shaped board has evolved, the shaped canvas adding an additional dimension and element to the meaning of the piece. This third dimension adds depth while providing an unique framework for the art.

Jeanne lives in Roxbury, Connecticut with her husband and two children. Her husband Chris, a carpenter by trade, assists her by cutting the shapes out of hardboard, helping with the metalwork, and assembling the pieces. Their collaboration gives her the freedom to explore new shapes and meanings.

Jeanne Steers is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. Her primary business is acting as owner of Steers Studios, a business offering website design, graphic design and illustration services.

Artist's Statement

"Let the paint be the paint. When left to it's own devices paint becomes what it is and beautifully so. As a participant in the painting process I become the vehicle within which the paint can take on a life of it's own. Without the artist as the conduit, the paint remains just that, paint. The collaboration of the paint and the artist create the painting, the art, the expression of the fluidity of the paints life with the fluidity of life itself. It's in the joining of the two that creates the whole of expression.

Life, a vital force that connects all things in the universe. Love is the glue and my love of paint allows for my expression of life through this medium. By allowing myself to be a conduit for the paint I am able to share the beauty of the elements of color, light, texture and form with the world through this work.

I paint because I have to. I love what paint does and I love my relationship with it. Painting is a give and take between us. A dance we do.

Fun, laughter, sorrow, pain and frustration recorded in time. The cleansing of a soul. The sharing of an emotion and idea. The letting go of inhibitions and constraints. Honesty brought forth before it is realized. Emotions that are expressed without recognition. The opening of a being, raw and vulnerable. Poured out with paint.

Shapes offer a new dimension. They frame the conversation. The viewer brings his or her own experiences to the piece to find a meaning and an outlet for their own expression. A path to find that which was left uncovered, undiscovered, forgotten and possibly abandoned. Or celebrated, rediscovered and realized.

The artwork cleanses my soul and moulds my life experience."

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