A Dialogue of Shape, Dimension, & Paint.

Just as the force of life, paint is surprisingly decisive.

It knows exactly what form it wishes to manifest.

Fine Art Paintings on Shaped Board

Enjoy browsing the unique, dynamic Collections below which explore

our connection to all through abstraction, expressionism, and landscape elements.

Jeanne Steers' paintings are available in a variety of fine art giclee and print options and sizes.

Commercial • Corporate • Healthcare • Residential


Self-Expression, individuality and joy exemplified for all to embrace and enjoy. Letting our blessings shine and greeting each day with a sense of gratitude and abundance. This is the Array of our lives and humanity expressed. The diversity of passion and intensity displayed.

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Life comes at us. Events, impressions, emotions, expressions, experiences all affecting our lives. Beneath it all we remain connected. Connected to our true self, our humanity.

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A single snapshot of a moment among the many we all see in our lifetime, whether real or imagined.

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What we think. Thoughts float, collide, appear and disappear like clouds floating by.

Impressions, inspiration, indications flash across our minds eye.

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